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Wiseman Inc. Information Technology Solutions

Wiseman Inc. Computer Information And Technology Solutions

Thin Client Solutions
Implementation of a network Server that can be accessed from any of your multiple locations, remote sites, authorized clients, home offices, anywhere.  Thin-client/server computing is available here and now thanks to Citrix's Independent Computing Architecture, which has become de facto industry standard for thin-client/server computing.


ICA thin-client/server technology gives you exciting new computing choices, enabling your organization to deploy business-critical applications to a broad range of client devices. With this choice, you can match the most appropriate computing device to the task at hand. Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) is a Citrix-invented technology that shifts the burden of application processing from the client device to the Server.

The user sees and works in the application interface, but the application and processing power reside on the server. Within your office facility, between multiple locations, building to building, wherever. We have technology that can enable your organization to provide access to server-based applications from a wide variety of devices and platforms, for your sales staff and customers seamlessly. Since these applications are installed, updated and maintained on central servers instead of at each client, the cost and complexity of administration are significantly reduced. This design model also enables rapid application deployment.


Local Area Networks
Local Area Network flexibility is one of our major strengths in designing systems to fit the client's needs. WEI can design a custom network designed to allow staff to communicate within the office, while providing access to internet mail from their clients.  The system is customized to allow the power users in the office a high end PC, while the staff has lower cost alternatives to fit within the project budget.


Wide Area Networks
Wide Area Network WEI strength is in its ability to work with customers to come up with the right solution to their computing problems.  In working for a local city in Michigan with satellite locations, WEI can illustrate how a number of geographically separated locations can be linked together to allow them to share information immediately, solving internal communication challenges. Whether it's connecting branch offices locally or across the globe, WEI can design and implement the best performing, most cost effective network system to fit your business needs.


Wireless Connectivity
Wireless In today's market, the speed at which you can input and receive accurate, up-to-date information is a major contributor to you're company's financial outlook.  Whether your receiving an order from a customer, creating purchase orders, tracking orders, receiving or shipping orders, checking inventory or just taking inventory doing it all in real-time with mobile & wireless equipment can save you time and money.

WEI has positioned itself in the Mobile & Wireless marketplace as a leader by creating partnerships which give us the power and versatility to provide you with the latest technology. Ruckus is one such partnership.


Virtual Private Networks
In some cases it just doesn't make sense to create a high-cost, wide area network when you can utilize the infrastructure provided by the public Internet. That's right, you can utilize the public Internet to create a Virtual Private Network of your business.  WEI can design and implement a cost-effective, VPN solution for your business.


Network Performance Analysis
Most networks are grown rather than designed. Inevitably at some point during the growth process network performance will suffer.  Most system administrators don't have the time or expensive tools required to track-down and troubleshoot your network performance problems. 
WEI has the experienced engineers and tools to conduct comprehensive network performance analysis for your network.



Wiseman Inc. can provide complete protection utilizing the latest and most secure applications and security methods. Ongoing maintenance preserves a working up-to-date anti-virus environment, where threats can be better pinpointed and eliminated before loss or damage to your system can occur.  We will help you keep your data and communications safe and available at all times. If your network security has been compromised due to intruders, denial of service attacks, worms or viruses, we will get it back up and running and ensure your it is secure.


Video Surveillance
Video Surveillance Remote video surveillance allow business owners and managers to observe and control activities at one or more locations without having to be on premises to do so.  These systems also are more affordable, reliable, user friendly and efficient.  Affordable - Flexible and scalable solutions based on open standards - that meet your specific needs. Our products allow you to use your existing network infrastructure to deploy cameras, making for short implementation time and low start up costs. Installing video surveillance is an investment with positive and provable returns. The savings are measurable, and payback begins immediately.


Easy-to-use - User-friendly software is driven by an intuitive remote management interface that allows you to configure, view, pan, tilt, zoom, mark and record with just a few clicks of your mouse. You can effortlessly access or observe anything... from anywhere.


Remote Help
Wiseman Inc. Remote Help is an easy, non-invasive way of allowing us to connect to your computer's desktop. Controlling your Desktop remotely will enable us to give you the best possible support, in a cost effective and time efficient manner.







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  • System Consultation and Design
    Let us help you in selecting equipment and software based on your needs and our years of service in the field.
  • Network Cabling
    Any network's strength is in its backbone and because of that fact we install our own network cables. Regardless of the size or speed you require we can install it.
  • Operating Systems
    Not all network operating systems are created equal and we know the differences and strengths of each.
  • Hardware
    We are ready to help with all your computer hardware problems and needs.
  • Software
    We understand that the wrong software can make even the best PC's perform poorly. That's why we offer the best brands in the industry.
  • Service Commitment
    When it comes right down to it, the most important consideration in today's networking equation is service.